Brusho, Brusho, Brusho!

Oh, my word!  I just LOVE this stuff!  Whenever I find a product that I can use in multiple ways, I get excited.  Not only is it good for the wallet, but it gives you nearly limitless options for amazing and unique backgrounds for your cards, scrapbook pages, art journals and Bible Journaling.

In this post, I’m going to share with you NINE super cool ways to use Brusho for watercoloring on all of your creative projects.

All of these samples were done on Stampin’ Up! watercolor paper.  Eventually, I’ll turn them into cards, but WOW!  So much fun!

About Brusho

Let’s start by talking about what Brusho is. Brusho is watercolor ink crystals.  They are vibrant and a little bit goes a long way.  it’s recommended that you don’t open the container when you get them.  Yep, that’s right.  Just take a paper piercer or pushpin and make a hole in the top of the container so you turn it into a shaker bottle.  When you are done using it for the day, just place a small piece of tape over the hole or keep the pushpin in place.

Stampin’ Up! Brusho comes in a set of five colors:

  • Yellow 
  • Gamboge (Orange)
  • Brilliant Red
  • Moss Green
  • Prussian Blue

Stampin' Up! Brusho Set Colors

Brusho Backgrounds

There are so many different ways to use Brusho, but today, I’m sharing nine ways that I had fun playing with.


To “smoosh” – sprinkle some crystals (I used Brilliant Red and Prussian Blue) on a sheet of acetate paper (or clear packaging or even saran wrap) then spray, using the Spritzer, with a bit of water (I sprayed three times).  Take your watercolor paper and “smoosh” it over top.  Let it try. You can blot with a paper towel or roll the roll of paper towels over it to absorb the excess water.

Brusho Smooshing

For the finished card, I added some white embossing powder and both white and Heather Highland ribbons.

Brusho watercolor techniques

Don’t you just love the variations of colors?  

Watercolor Wash

This one is super easy but makes a great background.  I think it not only will work beautifully for card backgrounds but will really add the WOW factor to Bible journaling pages.  

To achieve this look, simply sprinkle a few crystals on acetate (or the other above mentioned options) and spritz a couple of times with water (the more water you add, the lighter your color will be).  Then using a paint brush or the Aquapainter, brush over your surface.  I used watercolor paper for this and all of the Brusho techniques.

Brusho Watercolor Wash

For the finished card, I used white embossing paste through the cloud stencil and the greeting “hello” from Country Home.

Brusho watercolor techniques

Sprinkle First

Like the name says, for this technique, you sprinkle the crystals on the paper first, THEN spray with the Spritzer.  Let the water do it’s magic when reacting to the crystals!  Again, you can dab off the excess water or roll a roll of paper towels over it. (I tilted my paper before it dried and it ran a bit, but I’m ok with it)  For the finished card, I added some more Brusho and water.

Brusho crystals first

Brusho watercolor technique

Water First

Yep!  You guessed it!  For this technique, you’ll spray your paper a few times with water first, then sprinkle the crystals.  I added a bit more yellow and orange (Gamboge) and simple black stamping for the finished card.  I may add an embellishment, but not sure what, yet.

Brusho water first


Brush Watercolor Techniques

Brusho Embossed Sprinkled

For this technique, I stamped my image from the Stampin’ Up! Oh So Eclectic Stamp set with Versamark ink and the used clear embossing powder and finally heated to set it.

Next, I “painted” with water in all of the areas that I wanted to have watercolor and finally sprinkled Brusho crystals over the water.

Brusho embossed sprinkled


I went super simple with this one.

Brush Watercolor Techniques

Brusho Painted

Using the same stamp, but with Black Stazon ink, instead, I stamped the image then made “paints” with the Brusho by sprinkling a bit of crystals on an acetate sheet and then spritzing water on it. I did this with all of the colors with the exception of Prussian Blue.  Starting with the yellow, I painted the tips of the flowers, then the middles with orange (Gamboge) and then the bottom with Brilliant Red. Finally, I painted the base and stem with Moss Green.  I looove how both this one and the one above turned out!

Brusho painted

Just some ribbon and a large circle punch (plus, of course cardstock) to complete this card.

Brusho watercolor techniques

Brusho Batik

Once I was on a roll and having a blast with Brusho, I saw the Stampin’ Up! decorative masks in my studio and thought “hey, this might be fun”!  I taped the mask over my watercolor paper, sprinkled some crystals and spritzed water then blotted dry.  While it did run a bit, I love the batik look to this background!

Brusho Batik

I added some vellum and a few small details to create this card.

Brusho Watercolor Technique


Brusho Colored Embossing Paste

So..I forgot to take photos but, this one is much simpler than it looks. Simply take a grape sized “blob” of embossing paste and lay on acetate then sprinkle some Brusho over it and mix.  Press gently through a stencil and let dry.

I love the finished card!

Brusho watercolor techniques


Brusho with Embossing Paste

Next, with another decorative mask and armed with a fresh piece of watercolor paper, I spread a thin layer of embossing paste through the mask and let dry for about 5 minutes.  Then, I sprinkled crystals, spritzed some water and blotted off the excess water.  So cool, huh?  I love the variances in texture and color on this one.

Brusho with embossing paste


Just cardstock and a punch to create this card.

Brusho Watercolor Technique


Think of all of the ways you can use this fabulous product. I’m in love! 

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Want to try Brusho yourself?  You can order it by clicking the photo below.  

I can’t wait to see your projects!

Want another fun way to get messy and create beautiful backgrounds? Check out the shaving cream technique!

Rubber Hugs and Inky Fingers,


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